Understanding global transformation, in our view, is framed by 3 things:

  1. Our need to head towards a vibrant, sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future
  2. The technologies that will enable how that future works
  3. How systems emerge and adapt

The intersection of 1 and 2, create unprecedented opportunity to shape the future through venture. The following frameworks shape how we think about those things.

A sustainable and inclusive future

"Six Transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals" lays out integrated framework for implementing the SDGs

System transformations - World Benchmarking Alliance

GSDR 2019

Doughnut (economic model) - Wikipedia

Collectively, pathways to a sustainable future described in the perspectives above, highlight what we collectively need to achieve to have sustainable growth and a vibrant future. These pathways represent $21T in new economic activity:

Additional references: